About The Fjords

"A tantalizing fusion of Power pop and classic Rock"

The Saskatoon-based trio first appeared in its current line-up in late 2002. The Fjords are known for their energetic sound and engaging live performances.

Luke Ryalls

Luke Ryalls

Vocals & Guitar

Jeff Pederson


David Brown


News & Shows

Not much to report

The Fjords have been taking it pretty easy over the past year or two. Going to school, playing hockey, letting in lots of goals, all the regular joys in life. Keep an eye out though, you may see more of us in the future (like 2014 future).

Upcoming shows

-- No shows to announce --


The Fjords albums are available through Bandcamp. You can also find some unreleased tracks on our Soundcloud page.

The Fjords EP

Available to buy through Bandcamp

The Fjords EP album cover

Released in 2005

  1. Breezy Day
  2. It Don't Bother Me
  3. Mine
  4. Los Banditos
  5. Cool My Desire
  6. Evergreen

Get it Right

Available to buy through Bandcamp

Get It Right album cover

Released in 2010

  1. Come My Way
  2. But Alas
  3. Get It Right
  4. Last May
  5. A Better Way
  6. The Snow Road
  7. Afraid Of The City And The Night
  8. Number 25
  9. All I'm Asking
  10. The Devil's Music
  11. The Man I Tried To Be